Where kotamaa village






Where kotamaa village ?

Village kotamaa Furniture Industry
Bedrooms –  Salon Reception Modern Kitchens Decor

More ask Where kotamaa village.

Ok filled choise.

Ok Kasai brought to the village of kotamaa.

kotamaa village where shows very much and served choise.

I ask him very, very …


How to get to the village of kotamaa?

If your presence you have learned by way of the sixth channel in the western province of the road Da if you have your car personal still walking in the road until arrive to the existence of a bridge see bridge bridge name (Bridge locality Menouf) still on the main road not enter, right or north only walked period kilo tried to ask the entrance to the village entrance kotama its on your left, the entrance kindness first composed in the kindness that God wills

Meaning that you have 7 minutes and come to the village of kotamaa

Is filled village kotamaa choise? Get off your own judge

Yes, thank God, now, thanks to God filled the village remained very high and Competitor Damietta in the production of quality and efficiency is excellent and the price level.

Holiness come to take very idea of the most (2100) exhibition and more than 3000 and sprayed

Thankfully there is a very significant difference in each year from the previous year, the villagers and businessmen competing healthy competition on trade

Production quality: According you like the cost to occupy the cost of 6,000 to 45,000

Meaning each person and his ability Financial able to buy from the village of kotamaa

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